I’ve been using this for about 6 months & finally got the dosage right at 150mg. I feel great. I did have a bit of a stomachache, so I learned to take them on an empty stomach right before bed.* Easy to use website, reasonable shipping, price & time, as well as a quality, effective product. I will continue to order!!


I am almost finished with my 3rd bottle of Thyrovanz and I will 100% be ordering a 1yr supply in the next couple of weeks… I took a leap of faith and ordered this product and it was a world of difference! Shipping was easy (2 weeks, which is normal for international for me), customer service was the best ever!! Email responses where great, helpful, and personalized (not generic cut and paste, non helpful answers, but real response’s). But the product…. AWESOME! I especially appreciated that it had minimal fillers and did not contain common allergens*… I could not be happier and even when I return home to the USA I will still use this product!!


I’ve been taking Thyrovanz since January 2018 and I am really happy with it. I split my dose of 75mg, take 50mg in the morning and 25mg afternoon, I now have plenty of energy.*


So far so good. I’ll update if anything changes… I’m so grateful someone came up with this stuff. I’m hoping they stick around for a long time.


Thyrovanz works great for me.


I finally am feeling like myself again.. I am thrilled with the results!


Started this last year, minimal dose and increased little by little, I take 100 mg in morning and at bedtime. No jitters! Have much more energy.


I have been taking Thyrovanz for 2 weeks now. I am sleeping better, less tired*… Thank you.


I have been on Thyrovanz now for 2 weeks and it has literally changed my life. I am now living how I should be.


They are super nice and helpful at Thyrovanz too. I had the wrong dose shipped to me and they got me the correct one within two days. They let me keep the first one so now I have a backup supply. I love this product.


I have been taking this for 3 weeks now and feel sooo much better! I have not taken a nap since I began taking it but over all I did not feel much better the first week. The second week I felt better and this week even better I took 200 first week and 250 second and third week. I just take mine in the morning. I don’t break it up to morning/afternoon dosage. I’m also sleeping better too.* I’m so happy I took a chance so far so good.


I have been taking Thyrovanz for almost 2 years, I had worked with my doctor to switch over from a natural Thyroid that seemed to not be working as well since they changed the formulas, I was starting to lose my hair again and gain a lot of weight.  Thyrovanz gave me my life back and I have better control of what I take and when…. I have a lot more energy and no brain fog….


I have been on Thyrovanz since February of this year and am amazed how great I feel*… I am so glad I took a chance on your product. please do me a favor, don’t run out!!


This supplement changed my life. I had already changed a lot in my diet and that helped a lot but I just could not regain my energy. I decided to try Thyrovanz and for me personally it worked almost instantly.* SO thankful I found this.


Great product and very effective.


Today is day three of taking 25mg of Thyrovanz. It’s like someone turned my brain back on. I don’t feel foggy and groggy. I have energy again.* Will review again after a more prolonged use.


This supplement works well, and I will order it again. My way of taking it is under the tongue. I take the powder out of the capsules and mix it with sugar, then a bit under the tongue multiple dosing. Works so well!


I finally found something with ZERO corn! Thyrovanz is a lifesaver.*


A friend found Thyrovanz on the internet and told me to check it out. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks – 100 mg/day plus an extra 100 each week. I am still sleeping about 10 hours a night, but am more rested*… I am going slowly. I hope I will find a happy normal sometime this summer. I am so happy.


I’ve been on this a week and a half and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I took 100 mg of this in the morning for the first two days and then started taking another 100 mg at night. I feel great now. I actually have energy and I’m not yawning all day.*


Have been taking Thyrovanz for a month now and l have never felt better.* I am feeling like me again.


I have tried this and it did give me more energy.* I have the get up and go to get things done again. I love it! I had my daughter try it, my mom, and a friend. They could tell a difference.


Love, love, love this product! First time in 20 years I have had bounds of energy!* Did 10 wheel barrows full of yard debris by myself! I feel like Superwoman on this! So thankful for the positive changes Thyrovanz is making in my life!


I’ve been taking Thyrovanz for almost 2 years. I’m finally optimal. I feel great!


I was skeptical when my friend introduced me to this product, but Man-O-Man what a difference! I started taking Thyrovanz and felt terrible, (I wasn’t giving my body enough), upped the ante and the difference was so much energy. I am so happy I found this product!